Looking for ancient Tibet


“People who think that things are real, are as stupid as a cow; People who think things are not real, are even more stupid.”

Starting with a quote from the Indian Yogi Saraha  from the 8th century AD, the movie “Looking for Ancient Tibet”  takes us back in time on a journey to the most remote areas of the Tibetan Himalayas, where time seems to stand still.

The  isolated power places in East Tibet are the last Places on earth where one can meet a living transmission of the Buddha Shakyamuni’s  highest teachings – the Diamond Way of the yogis. Using the same thousand-year-old meditation methods as their forefathers, the yogis transform the stiff ideas of reality and can act beyond the laws of nature. After many lifetimes they accomplish the last step on the Buddhist path and become fully enlightened – living Buddhas.

For the first time a documentary film team managed to enter the secluded spheres of Tibet’s tantric masters. This film does not stop at the “cultural surface” of religious symbolism like monasteries and robes, but penetrates deep into the spiritual heart of Tibet.

The recordings, which were filmed in the picturesque Himalayan Mountains put our Western understanding of reality into question.

What We Did:

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